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Trav Lubinsky


If you know me, then you know I love talking about Crytpo, NFT’s, and the Metaverse. I do my best to educate my friends and followers, but I’m not sure if we are speaking the same language. Since I like helping others, I figured a great place to start would be with “Trav’s Web 3 Glossary.”

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Trav Lubinsky

Flex X Meta Bounty Hunters Collab!

Flex NFTs has partnered with The Meta Bounty Hunters to create a limited edition collection of 1,000 watches that exist on the Etherium blockchain and in real life. 10% of the public mint is donated directly to the Dream Machine Foundation. Mint is now live:

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Trav Lubinsky

Trav Partners With Web3 Brands

Web3 Brands is creating programs and courses designed to help E-commerce brands launch NFT projects. They currently offer Mentorship from experts and ongoing support. Trav recently announced that he is joining the Board of Advisors along with Desiree Shank and Mark Milutin. The trio will be working closely to develop curriculum for existing brands and communities like

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