Trav Partners With Web3 Brands

Web3 Brands is creating programs and courses designed to help E-commerce brands launch NFT projects. They currently offer Mentorship from experts and ongoing support.

Trav recently announced that he is joining the Board of Advisors along with Desiree Shank and Mark Milutin. The trio will be working closely to develop curriculum for existing brands and communities like Flex Flex Watches and CharityPops NFT.

“I am excited to help Brands give back in the metaverse”

Web3 Brands is designed to help E-commerce DTC brands launch, grow, and scale profitable NFT projects. To learn more, Book a Discovery call by visiting

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Trav Lubinsky

Trav is an Ecommerce expert with 10 years of experience. He has sold 8 figures online and created products for some of the biggest brands in the world like Star Wars, Minions, and WWE.
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