Roller Coasters: The Truth About Starting A Business


There’s a wide misconception that, once you’ve started your business, it’s all uphill from there. The truth is, however, that entrepreneurship comes with its psychological costs and emotional up and downs are part of every new company. Let’s take a look at some of the major points of the business roller coaster.

Starting your own company and creating your business plan is a definite “high” - one of the most glorious moments, during which you feel hopeful, excited and invincible. It’s not usually until the next stage, the raising of cash, when entrepreneurs realize that business comes with its up and downs. Rejections from banks follow and you have to start making those unpleasant calls to relatives and friends, until suddenly you finally have the capital you need.

The initial spending phase is usually accompanied by another high on the emotional roller coaster - you finally have your own office and equipment, you start spreading the word, you gain some customers and clients. As it turns out, however, the money you make are hardly enough to cover your expenses and you start to feel desperate. Doubts might conquer your mind, as you wonder whether everything‘s going downhill from now. 

If you manage to pull yourself and your business through these first initial phases, you’ll finally get into the glorious stage, in which you can actually start breaking into new markets. You’ve already grasped the basics of how to run your business successfully, you’ve gone through a number of challenges, lost friends and gained some. The truth is, you’ll never learn how to manage your company, until you’ve run out of cash - this is when, at your lowest point, you can finally resort to your hidden resources, creativity and trust in yourself. Only by building from the bottom, you’ll be able to reach the top - and when it comes to starting a new business, your journey will be nothing short of an emotional and financial roller coaster.