Nice to Meet You

You may have cruised one of my websites or seen me hanging with celebrities on social media, but the truth is I am just a normal guy from So Cal who cares deeply about his family and is passionate about his career.  I actually don’t care about my social media, I just use it as a tool for self-promotion.  Now that I got that out of the way, I want to formally introduce myself.  My name is Travis Gordon Lubinsky; I am an Entrepreneur.  In my series of blogs I am going to share my experiences and educate my fan base on how to make it happen for yourself. I am going to focus on fashion, marketing, and entertainment.  However, I will also share some life experiences, such as the relationships and impressionable moments that ultimately shaped who I am.

I grew up around several start up clothing lines in Irvine, California, in an era where starting a clothing brand was like creating an app today.  It was all about the process of development, market testing, and gaining fans. Being the youngest of three boys, I was able to experience many things at a young age.  Through my oldest brother Brad, I was exposed to the guys who founded LRG.  These guys changed the way I looked at success.  One guy in particular named Kevin Delaney (Kev D) was always super cool to me, and would educate me on the world of fashion.  By the time I was in middle school, my older brother Brad was sending me to school with flyers to promote for his friends’ company. Before long, I was hosting sales at my parents’ house to help the guys sell clothing with unique sayings.  They would push movements like “create jeans not war” and “adopt children not styles.”  It took a while for it to catch on, but once it did it was a wrap for these guys.

Eventually LRG began to grow beyond my brother’s friends and their networks.  I remember kids from rival high schools hitting me up on AOL instant messenger asking how I got specific pieces from LRG.  It was funny because the guys at LRG would bring me into their first warehouse and gift me with used samples and they would tell me, “Everyone is going to want this shit, just watch.”  Before I knew it, I was the guy who had all the rad clothes from LRG.  I saw this as an opportunity and started selling clothes straight out of the owners’ closets. Keep in mind it is now 2001, I am 15 years old and selling clothing to my personal network.  Over the next couple of years I became infatuated with how LRG grew their business.  I got the opportunity to be a campus rep, before anyone knew what that even meant. As a result, I got to live a fast life at an extremely young age.


Things were a lot different 15 years ago.  Thanks to a friend of Graham, my other older brother, I was able to get an ID and attend almost all of the events LRG hosted in Orange County and San Diego.  My first ever event was at a club in San Diego called Aubergine, which is now Fluxx.  I went to these clubs, hung out in the DJ booth, and drank from the bottles.  The LRG crew had taken over the night life scene and created a culture of having fun and expressing yourself.  The CEO and Founder, Jonas, was the first DJ who embraced me and showed me how my life could be if I worked hard and followed my passion.  I took my first trip to the Magic Trade Show, in Las Vegas, at the age of 16.  I got a pass from my dude Kev D and walked the floor with LRG; the show blew my mind and I did not miss another Magic for 8 years!

After being exposed to the culture in San Diego, I decided to attend college at SDSU and began my career immediately.  Luckily, my brother Graham is a literal genius, so I skipped classes and he tutored me for almost all of my classes.  I utilized my campus rep experience and connections at LRG to make new friends and form new networks very quickly. My reputation quickly proceeded me, and I was immediately recruited by Sigma Chi Fraternity, in which I eventually served as President. Everyone knew me as the fashion guy from “OC” and I saw an opportunity to express my creativity and make some money.  I started my first printing company called “Consuul Printing” with an investment from my brother Graham.  Consuul was originally founded as a small printing-based operation in 2005.  The company quickly evolved into one of the most competitive printing companies in Southern California.  I would go to the Magic Trade Show and solicit clients, because I knew they were in the sampling phase and about to go into production.  With a lot of hard work and some luck I was able to do bring in my first million at the age of 20 and more importantly make a name for myself. 


As a result, I was fortunate enough to work with notable clients such as Shady Records, Nike/Bauer, Paris Hilton, Toyota, Facebook, Google, and many more.  I was never afraid to take control of a room and voice how I felt about a brand.  I did my best to enhance the experience of my clients and add value to their brand.  Eventually, I learned that there are many things I wanted to do in fashion industry that were not being done by my clients.  I tried consulting for brands, but I was giving them amazing ideas that would fall by the wayside.  That is still a challenge I face today with some of my clients; in consulting services field, this is just something you have to deal with.  If it is not your money or your company, you do not have final say.  This was the driving force behind my brand: Flex Watches. 

In 2011, my childhood friend, fraternity brother, and now business partner, Trevor Jones, and I started Flex Watches.  We created a unique, interchangeable watch that fit our vibe and matched our styles.  The name Flex was inspired with a vision of living in the now and being flexible throughout life. Oh, and did I mention my watches are actually flexible?


Initially, we began connecting with charities in hopes of using the watches to raise funds for the charities’ causes. Following our first local fundraiser in 2011, we ventured south to Mexico and donated more than 15,000 meals for children in need. Immediately following the fundraiser, I called my older brother Brad and told him, “we have a story to run with and Flex could be huge!”  He dropped his job with Shady Records and moved back to SD.  Fast forward to later that year, we partnered with MTV’s “The Real World” where we would ultimately reach millions of people creating an impact much bigger than we could have imagined.  After 13 years of dreaming of being that guy, I finally hit my tipping point.  From that point on, my life has never been the same.  In my next blog I am going to break down how it all happened and show you the exclusive MTV footage.


Through my experience owning a manufacturing business and merchandising hundreds of retail stores, I have acquired the skills necessary to start a business, create a brand, and drive millions of dollars in revenue.  I now work with several artists, athletes, and celebrities to create brands.  I have held over 50 licenses including the WWE, Daymond John (of FUBU and Shark Tank), and several notable athletes. 

I have also appeared on several television networks, including: MTV, ABC, NBC, and FOX.  My work has been recognized by several other media outlets during morning shows, in weekly magazines, and on prime time television. I just turned 29, and I have no plan of stopping the grind anytime soon.  This year I am going to launch my 6th and 7th companies.  Be on the look out of my radio show, “The Blast” in conjunction with Ben Baller & DJ Homicide and my new downloadable game “Junior Runner” in association with Flex Watches. Throughout the next few years I am going to continue the journey right here, take the ride with me.