Utilize Your Local News

There is an old saying “The harder I try, the luckier I get”. This statement could not be more true! These days everyone is looking for a short cut or the easy way out. People are quick to hire an agency to represent them and overpay for local press and just end up disappointed. Today I want to reveal one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book: Crashing the news. If done correctly you can make a big impression for your brand with little to no costs. I want to share a story that will help illustrate my point. 

During the holidays this past year I was thinking of unique ways to promote my company Flex Watches holiday sale. My companies mission is to fight hunger, so I figured there had to be some local events with press opportunities. I decided to turn on the local news here in LA and tuned into the KTLA morning show. One of my favorite hosts happened to be standing in front of a Whole Foods and the text on the screen read “Season of Sharing”. As I continued to watch the host began explaining that they were doing a food drive at the local super markets to support the LA Food Bank and they were currently taking donations. Immediately one question flashed into my mind, “How do I get on the news making a donation to the Food bank?” 

The next step was the critical one, and always is... I decided to take action and make it happen! I wrote down the address of their location, grabbed my check book along with a few watches and called an Uber. On my way to the store I text my brother Brad to DVR the Morning Show, because I knew I was going to make it happen. 

I ended up showing up just minutes before the next live broadcast and made it know that I was there to cut a check! As some local shoppers cheered on, I was able to donate 1,000 meals and convince Whole Foods to match my donation. With will power and focus I was able to land myself in the middle of 1,000,000 peoples living rooms, make a donation and feed 2,000 people. If you need help getting on your local news station contact me for consulting.