Reach Todays Youth

When marketing products or services, it is important to focus on the youth. Lets take a look at the millennial generation. Simply put, this is a massive generation with a population size of 76.6 million, surpassing even Baby Boomers. The real challenge in this is figuring out how exactly to reach them. Many brands feel that connecting with Millennials is extremely difficult. But, in reality connecting with Millennials is pretty straightforward.  First, you must understand and speak to the values that drive them such as happiness, passion, diversity, sharing and discovery. Second, you must understand their realistic lifestyles and experiences, then find ways to amplify their reality. And, finally, make sure they feel informed and involved, not just marketed to. 

When comparing children to adults and millennials, companies have to make additional efforts to attract the youth. These days brands increasingly use the Internet to connect with young consumers. Through kid-friendly multimedia for touch-screen phones and tablets, marketers are blurring the boundaries between traditional advertising and children’s entertainment. For this reason my brand Flex watches must create unique ways to engage these consumers such as gamification and mobile applications. Below is an example of my new video Game Junior Runner. The game is a perfect example of how to create a brand experience for your consumers. The game is now available for download on iTunes and Google.