Starting Your Own Podcast Or Radio Show.

In January 2015 my good friends Craig Anthony and Ben Baller came to me with an idea to host their own radio show. They wanted to blend the local culture with social media, and music. They wanted the show to feature recognizable influencers, internet lingo and discuss the hottest topics in fashion, music and media. This all seemed like a great idea, but the real question became “how do we make it happen?” 

Since I have worked with these guys before, they know I have a passion for start ups and a background in fashion and entertainment. They also know I have a good network of artists and influencers so they offered me to be a partner on The Blast. We ended up exploring the world of streaming music and had a meeting with DJ Skee and Dash Radio. By February the deal was secured and the Blast Show was born. 

Once the vision became a reality, it was time to get straight to work. First we had to create a business plan to figure out how we were going to monetize and then fund the plan. The next step was to create our own brand. We designed and created everything we needed from a logo and a website to our own sound bites and verbiage. Once we created our brand we inspired our vision, built a team and began working. We created a show structure, thought of the first weeks show concept, and successfully recorded our first show. 

You can now hear the Blast Creative Directors Ben Baller & Craig Anthony every Friday night. The Blast is about having fun through self-expression, creativity and originality, just like their social media accounts, Ben and Craig are sure to keep you entertained. Tune in on Friday nights from 7pm-10pm on Dash Radio and stay current with them on social media. For help creating your brand or business or to work with The Blast, contact me for consulting.