Create Your Own E-Book

If you’re reading this text, chances are that you’ve already considered writing your own e-book. The great news is that self-publishing is now easier than ever and more and more people fulfill their dreams of being a published author with the help of e-books. However, to be successful, you need to know how to effectively create and present the content of your e-book.

As you know, first impressions do matter and this is especially true, when it comes to books. Your e-book title and cover will be the first two things your readers will notice, so take the time to make them right. A killer title is a must – it should be short and captivating enough to make your readers want to learn more, but without actually revealing too much of the content. 

Make sure you also know how to format your e-book correctly. In print publishing, you’ll often have to include a title, copyright, and introduction pages, but this is not the case with e-books. Create a table of contents page, instead, so your readers can easily navigate through your e-book, when on their laptops, tablets or e-readers. Hyperlink the chapters, so that when users tap or click on the link, they’ll be taken straight to the page they want to read.

In fact, make sure you split your e-book into chapters or parts, as it will make it more readable and comprehensible. If you’re using images, ensure they’re high quality and clear any potential copyright issues (usually asking the author for permission and paying a small fee are enough). 

The final format of your e-book is an essential part of the process, as it will determine its readability and accessibility. The safest route is usually exporting the file into a PDF format, which can be opened by most browsers. However, PDF texts are usually static, which means your readers will have to zoom a lot to get the best reading view. The best format for e-book is EPUB which actually reflows the text so it fits the screen size of any device. If you’re familiar with XHTML, you can convert your book’s content to EPUB format right away or alternatively, just use one of the many softwares available online.