We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for our new line of Flex watches. For the launch of the campaign we were able to recruit several social media influencers to promote the product. I worked out deals where we offered product in exchange for posting, or we paid a fee in exchange for posting about the new campaign.  In addition to just networking with influencers, there are a few major key factors that helped Flex Watches reach our goal and the #1 spot on Kickstarter! 


1) We got multiple accounts to post about the campaign right upon the launch. In essence, they created a “hype” with everyone talking about the product at the same time, as apposed to random posts spread out by influencers. This is a common mistake that many people make. If you really want to move the needle, you have to make a sudden impact. You want people saying, "these guys are everywhere". This often happens to me when we launch a campaign. My friends will text and call to tell me that my campaign "went viral".  You can see just how "viral" it went from these screen shots above. 

2) We focused on the messaging to separate dempographics, but promoted the same project.  The message I had everyone use was, “Excited about @flexwatches new Kickstarter campaign. They’ve always made really cool watches but this new line is really impressive for under $100 pice point” You can see an example of this post in the images below.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 3.56.27 PM.png

3) We did not let up once the project was trending. We made sure people kept posting about Flex Watches in the days after the launch of the product to help ensure that it continues to do well and stays at the top of the popular pages. Once you "go viral" you need to keep the pulse by engaging more influencers. 

4) In addition to Instagram, we also leveraged Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram paid marketing. This worked extremely well because we were able to target “look-a-like” audiences to people that already purchased from Flex Watches. There are no easy answers and it always takes a mixed marketing strategy to have a succesful campaign. However if you are looking to "go viral" using social influencers is a great tactic. To learn more about a social influencers you can read my blog post about influencers.