Vulnerability is not weakness

My journey as a small business owner started 11 years ago on winter break. My initial goal was to bring in $2,000 a month (printing T-shirts), so that I did not have to work over summer. The company grew through word of mouth, and eventually became my career. This experience gave me insight on how to create a product, run a business and market using the internet. After 5 years of printing T-shirts, I was excited to apply what I learned to Flex Watches and make a difference. 

We launched and had some early success after appearing on MTV’s “Real World”. We went on to work with some amazing charities, a-list celebrities and even sold our products in national retail chains. Everything was going great, then we decided to change the direction to accommodate our retailers. We lost sight of who we are, and as a result tried to reinvent ourselves. 

Last year during winter break I felt lost, so I decided to reach out to Marcus Lemoins. I knew if we had the opportunity to work with Marcus it could change my life. After appearing on his TV Show I quickly learned my life lesson of 2016: Vulnerability is not weakness. By being honest with myself and the rest of the world, I was able to grow as a person and change the outcome of my life. I am so grateful to have this opportunity and share it with all of you. I could not be more excited for this year and want to thank everyone who continues to support me. Best of luck in 2017 and lets all do our part to make a difference!